Go and make disciples of all nations…teaching them to obey.


Making disciples fulfills half of Christ’s Great Commission.  Teaching disciples to obey through the practice of discipleship fulfills the rest.  Walk is the immediate next step for new Christians or any Christian looking for consistently meaningful times with God and with other disciples.

Imagine if every new member in your church had personal devotional times for 50 days in a row?  What if each member had 5 discipleship times laid out for them?  How much stronger would your church be just from that?

Order copies for your church now.


How It Works

Simply give Walk to new disciples after they get baptized or added to the church.  Set them up with a discipleship partner who can check in on their progress and meet up to talk.

The booklet begins with a brief study on how to get the most out of the bible using the SOAP method of bible study.  SOAP is an acronym for:

Scripture: Read a passage

Observation: Reflect and use tools to dig deeper into the text.  Take notes. (Space for notes is provided in Walk.)

Application: Ask what you can do with what you’ve learned.

Prayer: Reading the bible is how God talks to us.  When we pray after reading we turn our devotional times into two way conversation.

After completing this first section, the disciple is ready to have great devotional times by reading and taking notes through the journal.

Walk is divided into 5 sections intended to build a foundational overview of the bible from cover to cover.

The Law, Old and New – Looks at the Old Testament law and New Testament commands every other day to help form connections between the testaments.

OT History, NT History – Jumps from related passages in the Old Testament and New Testament.

Poetry and Prophecy – Looks at this genre in the OT and the fulfillment of prophecy in the NT.

Gospel – Takes the new disciples through every word of the gospel of John.

Letters – Hits the key chapters of the epistles.

After each section (10 devotional times) there is a discipleship time starter filled with questions that train the “discipler” and “disciplee” to have deep and meaningful conversations about life and Godliness.


From milk to solid food.

Every disciple.

Kingdom built.


Order copies for your church now.


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