Be shepherds of God’s flock.

Our church started growing and we found that we had a really good problem.  We needed more leaders!  But what’s the best way to raise up house church and ministry leadership?  Is it through classes?  Is it by getting volunteers and hoping for the best?

As a church we do everything through the lens of discipleship – why not raise up leaders through discipleship too?


Order copies for your church today

Shepherd is a bible study series just like Follow.  In fact, the subjects and format are the exact same.  But where Follow creates disciples, the passages and content of Shepherd are directed at creating leaders.

Any leader in your church can raise up more leadership using Shepherd.  They just meet up with potential leaders and study the bible with them.  It reinforces the basics and builds a culture of discipleship!

How it works:

There are 10 bible studies.  Each one should be completed with notes taken in the booklet before they meet up for a bible study time.

The Studies:

Examine Yourself – Leadership assessment, gifts, heart of a leader.

Seeking God – Stay close to God so you can lead others closer to God.

Word of God – Reading the bible so you can teach others.

Discipleship – Giving and receiving training in Christ.

Sin – Learning how to deal with sin in people’s lives.

Repentance – Seeing lasting change through in people’s lives.

Cross – Leading with the marks of the cross.

Biblical Salvation – How to lead someone to Christ.

The Church – Leading a house church or ministry.

Counting the Cost – Being willing to become a leader who can give an account.

Can you imagine how much your church would grow in maturity if your leaders studied these things with one another?

The studies are vague enough to be used in any restoration church but specific enough to have great impact.

Order copies for your church today


Raising up the next generation of leaders.

Through discipleship.

Kingdom Built.

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