This is what it means to be Kingdom Built.

Built by the kingdom for the kingdom

Kingdom Built resources put the adventure of biblical discipleship into the hands of the church.  Making disciples, helping new Christians grow, and raising up new leaders is not just the work of evangelists and pastors.  Every Christian can and should participate in discipleship.  (Matthew 28:18-20)

Often, what keeps Christians in the stands instead of on the field is not a lack of desire.  It’s a lack of knowledge and ability.  These resources have been created so that anyone with the heart of a disciple will have the tools to practice discipleship.

In each booklet, the scriptures lead the way.  The questions after each passage are designed to spur deep contemplation and conversation.  The goal of each Kingdom Built booklet is to be built up by God’s kingdom so we can build up God’s kingdom.

It all starts with Follow.  This is basic Christianity like you’ve never heard it before.  What does the bible really say about itself?  What did Jesus say being his disciple would look like?  What is sin and what do we do about it?  More importantly, what did God do about it?  What does the bible say about how someone gets saved?  What does it mean to be part of the body?  Can you count the cost of following Jesus?  These ten foundational bible studies are broken into three sections: Conviction, Conversion and Commitment; all in easily readable workbook form.

What sets this bible study booklet apart is its format.  Because it is a workbook, would-be disciples study and make notes on their own and then meet with their bible study partner.  Two things happen for those who make it through Follow.  They get baptized if they need to be baptized.  And they have a self-made resource they can use right away to make more Christians.  There’s no need to wait for a class on how to make disciples.  They just went through the class and they’ve got the notes to prove it!  The turn around time from student to teacher is eliminated and the zealous new disciple can immediately begin making new disciples by handing a friend a Follow booklet and inviting them to study the bible and check out church.  Empowered individual disciples make for explosive church growth!

Next comes Walk.  We can’t “love ’em and leave ’em” after they join the church.  When someone becomes a disciple of Jesus or joins your congregation, they need the same kind of care and attention as newborns.  Caring for spiritual newborns means teaching them to be inspired by the bible consistently and to regularly practice the kind of discipleship they experienced in the Follow study series.

To accomplish this, Walk begins by teaching disciples how to read the bible effectively using the SOAP method (Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer).  This is followed by 50 devotional times broken into 5 sections that cover the major sections of the Old and New Testaments and especially emphasizes the connection between the testaments.  There is ample space to journal in the booklet each day, making the booklet something disciples will want o hold on to and look back on as they mature in Christ.  In addition to personal devotional times, Walk also encourages discipleship by providing a script for a discipleship conversation after each section of devotionals is completed.  Devotional times and discipleship times make for well fed newborns on the way to solid food!

When everyone is involved in disciple making and discipleship your church will grow!  With church growth comes a good problem to have: you need new leaders and a lot of them.  This is where Shepherd comes in.  It follows the same format and even the same subjects as Follow but it’s all about training leaders to lead ministries and house churches.

Shepherd can be taught as a class but it’s real benefit is seen when current leaders use the booklet as a bible study series for future leaders.  Are you looking to split a small group into two groups?  Have the group leader complete these bible studies with his or her assistant leader and send them off with a great foundation for leading their group.  Shepherd teaches leaders how to read the bible to form exegetically sound lessons, how to deal with sin using the bible, how to lead a meeting and how to care for souls.  Like Follow, it ends with counting the cost.  But instead of counting the cost to become a follower of Christ it’s all about being willing to be held accountable by Christ and the church as a leader.

How much would your church benefit if these resources were readily available for every member and leader?  We look for radical, outside of the box solutions to get our churches growing and healthy but maybe it’s as simple as providing your members with the tools they need to do what they already want to do as disciples of Jesus.

Please join me in praying for more Kingdom Built resources in the future.  Discipleship booklets on prayer, marriage, parenting and more are in the works.  Also, contact us if you have any suggestions!