This is what it means to be Kingdom Built

Kingdom Built puts the adventure of biblical discipleship into the hands of the church. Making disciples, helping new Christians grow, and raising up new leaders is not just the work of evangelists and teachers. Every Christian can and should participate in discipleship.  (Matthew 28:18-20)

Often, what keeps Christians in the stands instead of on the field is not a lack of desire. It’s a lack of knowledge and ability. These resources have been created so that anyone with the heart of a disciple will have the tools to practice discipleship.

For small church and ministry leaders, Kingdom Built gives you all you need to provide exciting programming for your church. We do the planning so you can focus on giving your best to what matters most.

A Church Year

What does it take to lead a church through an entire year? Where large churches have multiple staff members handling details for the programs and activities that minister to the members and community of a church, small church leaders often have to do everything themselves. And on top of that they face more pressure to grow! The goal of this website is to give a small church leader the resources needed to lead the church through an amazing year. Because of limited resources and time many of these things fall through the cracks and growth is limited. But if these things are taken care of then the church can practice excellence and focus on growth. The list of things a small church leader has to make happen in a year is exhaustive (and this isn’t even an exhaustive list!)

  • Sermon Series
    • A solid preaching plan
    • Appealing graphics for PowerPoints
    • Invite cards (printed in advance)
    • Powerful sermons
    • Engaging tie-ins for discipleship and family devotionals
  • Discipling
    • A solid plan for discipling in your church
  • An Effective Bible Study Series for Making Disciples
  • Family Devotionals
  • Leadership Meetings
  • A Plan to Collect an Inspiring Special Mission Contribution
  • Special Events that Bring New People
  • Follow Up Studies for New Christians

These are just the set things! Counseling, craziness and crisis will certainly pop up when you least expect them. How helpful to have these predictable tasks nailed down with excellence.

All of the resources on this site are FREE for you to use to give your church the best year ever! Pick and choose whatever might be most helpful in your situation.

Go Together

For even more impact you may choose to go with us through the church year 2022. That means we’ll work together through zoom meetings and shared docs to maximize the resources provided and act like a larger church staff. Opt in or out at anytime! Here’s what going together looks like:

  • A weekly webinar where we share ideas to make the sermons and related activities awesome. (Starting 1 month before each series so we can create the necessary materials.)
  • Shared sermon notes, PowerPoints, graphics.
  • Additional shared resources: Family Devotionals, special event ideas, etc…
  • A dynamic online and in-person bible study series ( that your church can start using anytime.
  • Encouragement from one another as we are led by God to lead our churches!