Take your church on an ADVENTure this DecemberMaybe you’ve seen this too: The church is the most disconnected over the summer and during the holidays. You want to start the New Year running but you’re often scrambling and dealing with issues that popped up as people ran themselves ragged during Christmastime.

That’s why in Lansing we focus on shared experiences in the summer and during the holidays. We had a summer booklet filled with devotionals that really helped people stay connected over vacation season. (Check it out and do it next summer!) 

And I’ve put together 25 devotionals for December 1-25 in a gift-worthy booklet called:

The Gift Of Presence.<– Click Here 

(You can adjust the quantity to as much as you want in checkout)

Max It Out:

The devotionals are short and sweet and there’s a call to action (ADVENTure) each day. To get the most out of the experience and keep people connected over the holidays, we’re having our groups assign someone to send out their thoughts on the devotional each day. (i.e. Everyone in our group of 13 will be assigned two days to share throughout the month.) We’re also going to give out Advent calendars with candy for parents to use these as nightly devotionals through December – how cool!

I’m sure you’ve printed devotionals for campus break before, spending a few hours at the copy store. These are available through Amazon prime and can be delivered in just 2 days to your doorstep – no work on your part. They are unbranded to any church and they look good enough to give as gifts (we’re giving one to everyone in our church and giving out extras that people can give to their friends.) And here’s the best part: They are only $4 each – not much more than you’d pay for cheap photocopied packets. I want to help your church!

Here’s the thing: 

It starts December 1st so you need to order in the next couple of weeks to get the booklets in people’s hands. I’ve included some samples below. Hope this helps your church thrive through the holidays and start the year off with presence over presents!


These lessons can easily be converted into sermon points for the best Christmas preaching ever! That’s what December’s Preach With You will draw from.