“Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage – with great patience and careful instruction.” – 2 Timothy 4:2

“I can do a great job writing sermons and preaching if I only knew what to preach.” This is how I felt for many years. I wouldn’t be anxious about preaching as long as I knew in advance what the plan was. Saturday night and and even Sunday morning “specials” were wearing me out and I wasn’t really giving God or the church my best. 

I started to get ahead. I’d take some time to plan out sermons and then series and then entire years. If I knew what was coming up I could glean more from my devotional times and books I was reading and craft better sermons. My anxiety went down and the quality went up. And like a chaperone at an 8th grade dance would recommend, I still left room for the Holy Spirit, making plans that weren’t too rigid or detailed, but gave me enough of a framework to succeed. 

Here are the sermon series outlines that we are planning on going through in 2022. In the past, I’ve done series that last up to 12 weeks but with things changing so rapidly coming out of the pandemic I want to keep each series around 4 weeks to keep us flexible. I also prefer expository preaching but these series are decidedly topical although a topical message can still be expository of you pick a main passage. There will be no declared theme for the entire year besides our church motto “Go With God” but the monthly themes all revisit the most basic teachings in the Christians faith with a renewed sense of devotion and zeal. I feel we need a year of going back to the basics.

I’ll nail down a tentative order and calendar for these series and you can fully participate with us or pick and choose an order that fits your church best. For churches that do a series with us, we’ll share resources and have a weekly zoom call, fighting above our weight in a sense by pooling our inspirational resources together.

Many of the sermon series link with other resources on this site like family devotionals, discipleship series and bible studies.

May you have the best preaching year ever!

Sermon Series

We know the response to the gospel well: believe, repent and be baptized. But how well do we understand the gospel message that is the “power of salvation?” What does it mean to live out the gospel every day? This Discipleship Deck will change the way you see the whole world!