Trying to go from planning zero to hero?

Good organization and planning are for more than just the type A leaders. Thoughtful planning takes a lot of pressure off of you as a leader and makes your congregation feel more secure. It’s a win win! These tools might be provide the small tweaks you need to find success!

Customizable Organizational Docs

Church Planner Spreadsheet

Monthly Church Vision and Planning Sheets

Spiritually guide your church by being on top of things. Plan months in advance. Think through the people, promotion and needs for each event. Collect feedback to make the next event even better.

Church Budget Spreadsheet

For use along with quickbooks or whatever budget software you use. Keep track of income and expenses at a glance with this simple but robust spreadsheet.

Church Membership Spreadsheet

Keep track of necessary statistics for your church from year to year.

Useful Forms

Expense forms, reimbursements, etc…

Helpful Websites


Canva makes designing graphics for our church easy. It’s totally worth the $3/mo to get full access.


When our church got over 50 members we needed database software that could keep track of member’s contacts and also text and email groups. Breeze is a breeze!


Gyve is a simple to integrate online giving platform if you don’t already have one for your website/mobile.