Disciples making disciples.  It all starts here:  

What if every person in your church could help someone else become a Christian?  Not only would your church grow, the faith and the excitement in your church would be off the charts.  There’s something special about a church that is growing.  But it’s even more special when the growth is spurred by average members and not just ministry staff.

Providing this inexpensive resource for the Christians in your church and their friends is a step toward having a church on fire for God.

The scriptures lead the way in all 9 of these bible studies.  After all, a booklet doesn’t make Christians, but God’s word used rightly by God’s people does.  The scriptures and studies chosen start with the basics and teach someone to be a follower of Jesus.  This is more than “easy-believism”.  This is total lifestyle change to become the new creation, committed to God’s kingdom and mission, that Jesus called his disciples to be.

How it works:

The members in your church simply ask their friends or family to study the bible with them.  If they say yes (and so many people say yes!) then they are given the Follow booklet and asked to complete the first study.  When they meet for their first bible study, the student has already read the passages and taken notes.  The teacher reviews it with the student and encourages and challenges where appropriate.  At the end, they pray and set up the next bible study.  Anyone can have a quality bible study using Follow.

The studies:

An introductory study and three sections for a total of 9 bible studies.



Examine Yourself 

The first study allows the student and the teacher to get a clear picture of the student’s relationship with God.  The student makes a spiritual timeline, writes a letter explaining their current ideas about conversion, and writes about what they believe and how they practice those beliefs.  This is an eye opening but non-threatening leap into God’s word.  It also introduces the three sections that will be studied: conviction, conversion and commitment.



It all starts with belief.  But not just belief – belief in the right things.  These first three studies turn believers into disciples of Jesus.

Seeking God

Learn to put God first – it’s the only way that you’ll find him.

Word of God

The whole bible is inspired by God.  Will you make it the standard of your life?


If the word is your standard, here’s what Jesus says your life will be like.



Now that we know what we need to believe according to the bible, how does someone actually get saved?  There’s a lot of false teaching on this subject.  Follow helps people get saved just like the people in the bible got saved.


What do we need to be saved from anyway?  Sin.  Examine the consequences of sin and then make it personal.

The Cross and Repentance

Jesus’ response to our sin: The cross.  Our response to our sin: Repentance.  Repentance doesn’t mean to be really sorry.  It means to change your mind and your life to the Jesus way of thinking and living.

Baptism and Resurrection

Death, burial and resurrection.  That’s what Jesus did to save us and that’s what we do to get saved.



Belief and baptism lead to belonging.  Commitment sets us up for success after coming to Christ.

The Church

The church is an organism, not an organization.  Membership matters to God and to each individual as we become God’s building which each soul being built up individually and collectively.

Counting the Cost

Jesus called would-be followers to count the cost so we should too.  This final study (before baptism or membership)  is a review of what has been learned and what changes have been made as well as a look to the future of life with Jesus as Lord.


Kingdom Built.

Discipleship done well by every member of your church.



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